Yes, we must get rid of the “Superpower Empire” fantasy

Dear Editor,
    Re: “Ending the mess in Iraq; some ideas – Part II” (Septmeber 3, 2007). Jack D. Forbes is so right when he says we must get rid of our “Superpower Empire” fantasy.
    He’s right that we must shove our war profiteers – who are wasting so much of our national treasure – to the ground. He’s right that we should discontinue the construction of bases and a fortified embassy in Iraq. And he’s supremely right that an immediate ceasefire could allow for safe passage of all warring factions and refugees to hold a conference on what it would take to stabilize the government and end the war.
    If congress would listen to such Native wisdom, they might legislate the change required to join nations of the world in securing peace and justice for all peoples worldwide.
    Enclosed is my letter of September 7 to President George W. Bush in which I’ve outlined what I think it would take to secure lasting world peace.
    Joanna C. Rovelstad